About hormons

Major factors that influence the hormonal balance


In their daily activities, women should pay attention to maintain the balance, considering hours of work, of leisure, exercises and sleep. But extremes are harmful: too many hours of exercises, work till exaustion or loosing too much weigh can decrease hormones and even lead to premature menopause.


Stress decreases estrogen and progesterone levels – the two most important female hormones. For this reason, hormonal-yoga-therapy gives psychological orientation to prevent and decrease stress, and specific exercises, relaxation and Yoga-Nidra. ( a therapeutic technique that uses visualization for psychosomatic effect.)


All you eat should be very healthy. Avoid canned and preserved food with conservatives and artificial colouring. Restrain the use coffee, black tea and alcohol .


Smoking is very harmful to hormone production. It can even cause precocious menopause.